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Changing accounts

2011-02-09 16:51:13 by Zaibor

One night it came up to me that my username sucks ballz. It reminds me of some kinda pokemon or smth so I decided to create a new account. Check it out right HERE . Also there is a new animation I have done. You can check that waste of time HERE .
See ya all on my new account.

Changing accounts

New in here

2011-01-17 17:53:35 by Zaibor

So today I decided to sign up on Newgrounds. Had been planning to do that for some time but actually had nothing to show you guys. It's been only 2 months since I've been introduced to Flash, so the animations I make still need to improve. But don't worry friends! I'm doing my best and have been planning to stay here as long as I can make more flash.
Also I have uploaded my first animation!!!